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REMOTEMONSTER provides streaming / calling platform as a service.

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Why Choose Us

Remote Monster has been researched on Real-Time Communications technology. "ZERO LATENCY" and REMOTEMONSTER platform will lead the next generation of broadcasts and calls.


Remote Monster's ultra low latency content delivery technology "ZERO LATENCY" can start sending video in 0.x seconds.


Quiz show with hundreds of thousands of participants at the same time, live commerce with tens of thousands at the same time, are possible with "ZERO LATENCY".

Easy to develop

Putting the call feature inside the app allows you to create a seamless user experience that doesn't leave the app.


You can create new user experiences by synchronizing and integrating rich features like chat as well as chat.

SDK, Documents, Sample codes

REMOTEMONSTER provides SDK, documents, sample codes.

Android, iOS, JS

REMOTEMONSTER supports Android, iOS, JS.

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Remon CAST for live broadcasting

Want to draw people's attention and increase user engagement? Adding live-streaming to your business might be the key. With RemoteMonster's CAST API, you can easily add live streaming feature to your business.

"Interactive" Live Streaming

True interaction can only happen when there is no awkward 5 seconds of delay after every sentence

All-in-One SDK

Camera and Mic Control, Viewer, Contents Delivery, etc

Chat integration

Let your audiences communicate freely with the streamer using our chat feature

Smooth transition

Video resolution changes according to end user’s network condition, without a break

Call Platform

Enhance customer satisfaction by adding call features. Instead of exchanging phone numbers and switching to other channels, customers will stay longer in your platform. Remon CALL is already used in a variety of fields including group exercising, consulting, dating, on demand and delivery services.

Group Video Call

Supports up to 6 people on mobile, and 8 people on web

Global connection

Smooth international call experience regardless of end users' location

Easy to embed

Our CALL API can be integrated in under an hour

HD Friendly

From 320 p to full HD, you choose it, we deliver it

Our Best Pricing



$ 199  /mo All features are included

Streaming and watch time

  • 10,000 minutes

Video and audio call time

  • 10,000 mins(video)
  • or
  • 50,000 mins(audio)


Talk to sales     All features are included

Streaming and watch time

  • 100,000 minutes

Video and audio call time

  • 100,000 mins(video)
  • or
  • 2,000,000 mins(audio)


Talk to sales     All features are included

Streaming and watch time

  • 500,000 minutes

Video and audio call time

  • 500,000 mins(video)
  • or
  • 1,000,000 mins(audio)


Talk to sales     All features are included

Streaming and watch time

  • unlimited minutes

Video and audio call time

  • unlimited mins(video)
  • or
  • unlimited mins(audio)
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