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RemoteMonster is an all-in-one platform to provide everything for live broadcasting operations into the cloud.

Ultra Low Latency Delivery

Mobile and Web Platform
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Recording and CMS

Success Stories

Successfully from the client's case, which operates live broadcasting


Tutoring, an English conversation tutoring app, selected by 60,000 people. Access with RemoteMonster anywhere, anytime, 24/7 with Filipino, US and Canadian native English teachers.


Stock and Economic Broadcasting station etomato provides real-time live quizzes through live broadcasting and apps to viewers across the country via RemoteMonster

Live Broadcast Platform for all
Creators and Developers

Everything is ready to enjoy / create / run live broadcast services
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Create & Play Your Livecast

Creators can create and deliver content easily via a web browser without any tools. Of course, viewers can watch without installing any apps.

Create content anytime, anywhere through mobiles and the web
Play content anytime, anywhere through mobiles and the web

Develop Your Livecast

By applying the provided simple SDK to services, you can quickly configure the whole process of broadcast transmission and viewing. In addition, powerful additional features such as recording and video filters can be easily combined.


Manage Your Livecast

Essential functions of broadcasting operations are provided through an easy web dashboard.

Recording / VOD
Analysis / Monitoring
Cloud Storage
Share Broadcast
by URL
Contents Management